Melegari Motors

Melegari Motors

One of the reasons that allow Melegari Luigi & Figli to be on the market after nearly 60 years is the ability to marry the customer challenges in the innovation and test new frontiers in the field of automation.

In all these years, the luck to cooperate and be partner with the top industrial companies in Italy and abroad enabled the Melegari to acquire significant knowledge and experience in the development of products targeted to a customers demanding motors built for their needs .

The “customization” of the product is the terminal step in a process that starts with a customer request, it develops according to the Melegari’ s experience and knowledge and then it‘s finalized in a sample and a subsequent production.

Knowing how to listen to customers and be able to recommend the best solution is now the common way of the relationship between Melegari and its customers; this leads to a relationship not between customer and supplier, but between partners for a mutual success.

The Melegari holds a UL file insulation for the windings of its motors; this certificate allows the company to be able to certify its UL / CSA motors according to the mechanical and electrical characteristics required by the customers.

Right now Melegari Luigi & Figli sees its motors present in the following applications:


  • 1_industriaAutomotive (Scissor Lift for car / motorcycle, tirechangers / wheel balancers)
  • Lift / aids for disabled people (home Lift / stair lift)
  • Woodcutters
  • Real estate
  • Compressors
  • Machine tools
  • Wind turbine

Industrial Cleaning

  • Hyperclean machine
  • Car wash


  • Dust dejection
  • Healthy misting
  • Disinfecting livestock area

Mobile refrigerations


  • Milking machine
  • Ventilation

Assial Reluctance Switched

  • Elecrospindles
  • Professional Drones