About us

Motors for over 50 years…


The history of Melegari Luigi & Figli begins in the year 1950 and it’s the common story of many small and medium-sized companies born after the war, where genius and resourcefulness has enabled the creation of many realities that grew over the decades, to form real and specialized areas.

In our case, the research to improve the working conditions in the camps has developed the mechanics application in a very important way and Luigi Melegari with its electric pumps has put on the market a product suitable to meet the frequent demands for quality, reliability focusing on the relationship and collaboration between customer and supplier.

With the passing of decades and the entry of sons in the company, the Melegari Luigi & Figli addressed his experience and knowledge purely on the production of single-phase and three-phase asynchronous electric motors tying collaborations and common experiences with primary national and International importance companies.

The Emilia Romagna region, full of industrial and specialized craft companies in the production of various components for electric motors, has allowed Melegari Luigi & Figli to maintain production on site and preserve those quality levels that worldwide customers require.

After almost 60 years, many things have changed in the way of producing and designing motors but for Melegari Luigi & Figli the quality and service remained the cornerstones on which to build and develop a cooperation and partnership with its customers.

A distanza di quasi 60 anni, tante cose sono cambiate sia nel modo di produrre che di progettare motori ma per la Melegari Luigi & Figli la qualità e servizio sono rimasti i cardini sui quali costruire e sviluppare il rapporto di collaborazione e partnership con la propria clientela.

The company today

Today Melegari Luigi & Figli SRL produces about 55,000 motors per year, all according to precise customer specifications, selling their product in all countries of the world.

The user applications are many: hydraulic powerpacks, windmill turbines, elevators (with versions both in air and submerged in oil), car washes, hyper cleaning machines and more.

The will to get involved, trying to marry the requests and projects of existing or potential customers, has enriched the knowledge and experience of the company Melegari Luigi & Figli becoming, in some cases, partners and project consultant for many products and customers